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Benefits of Websites Advertising

Benefits of Websites Advertising

  • Your Banner Ad and its Expanded Profile can be viewed by approximately 000 (and growing) visitors each month to the web site, either directly or by clicking your Banner Ad or by searching (entering key words in the site search window) or in other search engines like Google.
  • The weekly Update, the email newsletter, is sent to close to 6000 (and growing) email subscribers who are residents or do business in Richmond Hill. This email drives traffic to the web site. If you write Articles, have Events or Special promotions, these can be included in the email newsletter.This Update has received very favourable endorsements!
  • The site is "Search Engine Friendly", with fresh content on the site -- hence there is the added benefit of a higher ranking than a single stand alone website.
  • The direct link to your website and e-mail do provide your site with more traffic.

Features of Website Advertising

  • A professionally designed Banner Ad that can be placed on the appropriate Section /Category and as well on the Home Page. When these ads are clicked, they will be linked to your Expanded Profile.
  • Expanded Profiles can be considered mini websites with many pages.
    • It has an address that can be used to access the page from the internet. i.e.: )
    • Includes Name, Full Address, and as many Phone Numbers as you have.
    • A Google Map to your location.
    • Your website Hot link and E-mail link,
    • Your logo prominently displayed at the top of the profile
    • An About Us with keywords directly related to your business; this is visible to the search engines on the internet.
    • Pictures of your business on the main page next to the about us.
    • Photo Galley incorporated into the Expanded Profile.
    • Other pages; such as Menus, Featured products, or Services that you provide.
  • Opportunities to write Events and Articles that will show up not only on your Expanded Profile but also in the Events, Articles sections of the website and the weekly update newsletter.
  • Specials or Coupons that you may offer will also show up on your Expanded Profile and in the "Save" Section on the left side of the home page and newsletter


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