Are you or your kids still preferring to interact minimally? Try Virtual Summer Camp

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Virtual programs are certainly now part of what we do.  We may want to be doing this to continue being safe or it may be an efficient thing to do. And virtual programs have certainly improved. And our local STEAM Project has been recognized nationally as offering excellent virutal programs.

These virtual programs are not just YouTube videos.

These programs are:
- live instruction, with a 1:5 staff to student ratio
- focus on hands-on, experiential learning
- project kits are designed and manufactured in Richmond Hill
- they are opportunities to really learn robotics, coding, engineering, architecture and design

Watch this video for a good sense of how the classes work.

They have been recognized as amazing programs. 

Click HERE to watch this Cityline TV video feature.

Please see their web site to see what is available when this summer! Have fun! The STEAM Project | World's Future Leaders and Innovators