Colour: A Better Outdoor Bird and Bug Repellent

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Some 'Good Information to Know' from Five Star Painting 

Nothing can spoil a pleasant afternoon lounging on your porch or deck than a flock of unruly birds or a swarm of insects. Whether you're eating or enjoying a cold drink, it's a chore to get rid of either of these disruptive species.

Before you spend large amounts of time and money on deterrents, think about the colour of your outdoor living space. Did you know several colours naturally attract birds and bugs?

Here's a breakdown of their colour likes and dislikes:


- Birds rely heavily on their ability to see colours - from finding a mate to picking the ripest berries. Bright colours tend to attract a variety of birds, including blue jays, humming birds, orioles, warbles and goldfinches.

- Even darker grays, browns and dull greens are likely to attract birds with cautions temperaments like quail, doves and ground feeders. These colours comfort birds, and create a feeling of safety.

- One colour that the majority of birds avoid is white. A dull or bright white signals alarm and danger to birds, causing them to avoid those areas.


- Bugs see colour slightly different than birds - bugs see colour in the UV spectrum.

- In nature, bugs are attracted to brightly colored flowers as they are commonly a source for food. The same is true for your porch or deck, minus the food part. Bugs are naturally attracted to bright colours like white, yellow or orange.

- Colours like green and blue won't register as vividly when seen in the UV spectrum, deterring bugs away from these coloured objects.


Mosquitos are a special kind of problem, so they get their own category apart from regular, friendly bugs.

- Mosquitos see dark colours more easily, which is why you always hear it's a good idea to wear light colours to avoid the pests. Same is true for your outdoor design. Bright colours, such as whites and yellows, are more likely to deter mosquitos than dark hues.


Depending on your pest problem, the colours you choose for your outdoor setting could help deter unwelcome visitors.

Consider contacting your local Five Star Painter, Mike Otani,  (a supporter of ) to learn more about how the right colour scheme can help make your sunny afternoon much more enjoyable.