Community Gardens are available at St. Paul's Lutheran Church (Bayview & Major Mac)

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Reports are that many people are into gardening this year more than in the past. It gets you outside and moving and away from the constant news cycles. 

If you are someone who does not have a place to grow any vegetables and wish you did, St. Paul's Lutheran Church at Bayview and Major Mackenzie have reopened their community gardens.

They rent out plots to individuals and have about 10 plots left. The cost had been $70 for the season, but because this year is challenging for many, the cost is only $29 for the first plot. Plots are 20 x 20 feet.

People interested in gardening with them should send an email to [email protected]

They have 3 plots maintained by volunteers, where the proceeds go to 360Kids. They would welcome other non-profits or groups to take over additional plots to grow food for people in need. 

There is access to  water, but they cannot make tools available this season due to the special situation. Members get a key and can access the garden during daylight.