Concert of Hope - a High Notes Avante Production. To be enjoyed when you need some hope.

less than 1 minute

We have all been through some difficult times lately. Whether we were sick with Covid-19, lost loved ones to the virus, lost our jobs and livelihoods or felt scared and lonely, 2020 will not be missed.

It was a tough year for many, and perhaps especially for those with mental illness.

SO, as we say hello to 2021,  the good people at High Notes Avante decided that it is time to get together with you and share some inspiring music and words from some old and some new friends.

Right now we all need some hope. Think about the CONCERT OF HOPE as an online HIGH NOTES GALA that you can enjoy from the comfort of your couch.

Some amazing talent was gathered.

  • Dan Hill
  • Llyod Robertson
  • Luba Gucy
  • Amici Chamger Ensemblre
  • Smici Chamber Ensemble
  • Stephen Sitarski
  • Marcia Chum-Gibbons
  • Frank Horvat
  • Chantria Tam
  • Giles Tomkins
  • Kathryn Tremilss
  • Tara Baxendale & Friends

It was first broadcast January 18, 2021 but can be viewed anytime.  Click HERE to watch this full length concert. It's free!