Life-saving benefits of polarized lenses. An article presented by Dr. Radhika Chawla, O.D. (Optometrist)

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The day is bright and sunny.  Optimal conditions for driving, right?  Wrong!  Blinding glare from sun and vehicles is a contributing factor to fatal vehicle accidents.

More than 90 percent of reactions made behind the wheel depend on good vision. A recent survey revealed a disturbing fact – 20 percent of eyeglass wearers sometimes drive without their prescription glasses and instead wear non-prescription sunglasses.  That means one in five make day-driving unnecessarily treacherous.

Another study found that reaction times improved by one-third of a second for drivers who wear polarized prescription lenses. 

For a car traveling 80 km/h, one-third of a second allows a driver to stop seven metres sooner, or the length of an intersection.

In glare-intense situations, polarized lenses improve vision clarity by 75 percent, compared to ordinary sun lenses.

How do they work?

Sunlight itself is not polarized – it's either absorbed or reflected.  Sunlight bouncing off a horizontal surface will strike the driver’s eyes at a similar angle and produce strong glare.

Working like a venetian blind, polarized lenses have a laminated surface with vertical stripes that allow only vertical light to enter the eyes.  Glare is eliminated because the horizontally-polarized light waves can’t bypass the polarized filter.

Trouble seeing on sunny days?

Over 60 percent of eyeglass wearers surveyed agree that glare from the sun makes it difficult to see while driving.

However, those with prescription sunglasses, especially those with polarized lenses, experience less trouble.

Make your driving experience safer and easier – we can recommend the best lens options for your unique lifestyle.

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