Mary Discovers Marijuana ~ Seniors Find Relief in Cannabis

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contributed by Brian Porter, Director and Owner of Living Assistance Services

Ouch! Mary grimaced with the arthritic pain in her back and it was getting worse! She couldn’t cook any more, doing the laundry was impossible, she needed help getting into bed and, Mike, her Husband, had to dress her every morning. Mary saw a bleakest of futures in front of her….

And, then, she thought about the four to six pills of Tylenol 3, laced with codeine, she took every day. Despair, at 68 years old, had set in….

Watching TV with Mike one evening, she saw a show about CBD oil. Her first reaction was, “No way, I’m not having anything to do with cannabis. I don’t do drugs; I might even become a drug addict trying marijuana!” But, luckily for her, her Husband disagreed…

So, she tried about 10 drops of CBD oil her husband obtained from an licensed producer. Unlike THC – the psychoactive component in cannabis – pure CBD has medicinal properties without any real euphoria.

The next day, she exclaimed, “I can’t believe it! ... so little pain!

In the United States, seniors have become the fastest-growing demographic of cannabis users, as CBS News reported last year. (1) But, seniors interested in medical cannabis should talk to a family doctor, who will either write a prescription required by Health Canada or likely refer a patient to a physician with more experience in treating patients with medical cannabis.

Marijuana has been shown to have benefits in treating many different conditions that may well plague many seniors, including the following:

  • Cancer. Marijuana has been shown to alleviate the pain associated with some cancers as well as the nausea associated with chemotherapy and other treatments.
  • Chronic pain.  Marijuana has been shown to alleviate pain in cases where pharmaceutical interventions offer diminishing returns in pain management.
  • Multiple sclerosis, such as late-onset MS, manifests pain, muscle spasms and urinary problems, all of which can be better managed through medical marijuana.
  • Glaucoma patients attest to marijuana’s ability to reduce inner-eye pressure.

Other conditions where there is some evidence for marijuana’s benefit may include eczema, epilepsy, Huntington's disease, insomnia, and still others being added to the list as testing continues. (2) For some seniors, including Mary, the future now may well seem less bleak because of cannabis.

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