New Year, New Possibilities! - Hear How Brain Training Changed Elle’s Life.

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It’s a new year and that means new possibilities. Most of the time, when a student or adult is struggling in school or in life, a Brain Skills Assessment can uncover the underlying cause of their struggle. Skills like attention, processing speed, and memory can be strengthened with a one-on-one brain training program that is backed by scientific research and more than 100,000 happy graduates.

Completing the assessment will give you valuable information and answer questions most families have when they’re feeling frustrated and at a loss for hope. During the consultation appointment, LearningRx will help you decide the best next step.

More Than Games: Brain Training Improves Intelligence in Kids: A Peer Reviewed Study 

"Not all brain training programs are alike. This wasn’t a ‘brain games’ app. This was a comprehensive therapeutic intervention delivered by a human being sitting across the table from the client,” says educational psychologist and co-investigator Dr. Amy Moore. “The dynamics between the client and the cognitive trainer was a critical piece in the cognitive training protocol.” Read more about one-on-one training and the study HERE. 

Hear Elle's story 10 years after her graduation from LearningRx! 

Tutoring ended up serving as an accommodation for her learning struggles, with the tutors reading to Elle so she could avoid doing it herself. Finally, Elle’s mom enrolled her in personal brain training to address the underlying cognitive skill weaknesses that were causing Elle to struggle in ALL of her subjects. You’ll be surprised to discover where Elle is now. 

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