Steps to LivingWell - Keeping Hydrated!

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If you’re looking for one simple diet adjustment to offset your naturally slowing metabolism as you get older, drinking more water could be your golden ticket. Research found that people who were regular water drinkers consumed an average of 193 fewer calories a day than people who didn’t drink any water.

Starting your meal with a glass of water can also help you eat less. Think water is boring?  Add a twist of lemon, lime or fresh berries to a pitcher of water and keep it in the fridge to infuse it with calorie-free flavour.

You’ll need to sip other beverages selectively to avoid empty calories.  If you’re a fan of fruit juice, switch to 100 percent juice varieties that contain pulp to get a little fibre with no added sugar.  Since sugar promotes fat storage around your middle, making better choices may not only result in a lower number on the scale, but it may help reshape your figure and prevent or reverse the stereotypical middle-age spread.

As we age, the balance between our need for water and our thirst for water shifts.  In fact, the less water an older person drinks, the less thirsty they become, leaving them open to the risk of serious dehydration and other complications.

Adjust your beverage intake based on outside temperature, activity level and medical conditions.  As the temperature outside increases, the need for water also increases. Eating a diet filled with water-rich foods can also help. Start snacking on cucumber, tomatoes, spinach, broccoli and everyone’s summer time favourite – watermelon!

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