Ten Minute Tuesday Talk ~ Dr. Reza Moridi: Active After Politics

less than 1 minute

Each week a group of people from our community has gotten together on Tuesday mornings for about a decade now to Connect the Community.

This pandemic has meant that the meetings are now virtual.

Not too many months before we couldn't meet in person a new feature, Ten Minute Tuesday Talks, became a regular feature of the weekly meetings.  The grouped learned a little more about what people were doing in their community.

With the meetings going to the Zoom format it was easy to record them.  

These will now be shared on OnRichmondhill.com

On Tuesday August 4th, 2020 Dr. Reza Moridi, a friend to so many Connecting the Community attendees, presented.  Reza was a very well respected  Member of Provincial Parliament from 2007 to 2018.

Here's a glimpse at what he has been doing since he has left politics.