Working from home? Release tension in 3 easy steps

less than 1 minute

Ideas from Reset Zone

Do you find yourself unfocused or tense working from home?

Being forced to work from home when you are used to being in the office, or on the road, can bring so many new challenges.

Try this 3-part technique that can be used to quickly to regain focus, release tension, and improve your mood.

Part 1: While sitting feel your sitting bones on your seat and feet on the ground if you can. Let yourself sink into the support of your seat. This will helps you refocus.

Part 2: Breathe in and raise your shoulders up towards your ears. Breathe out slowly and release your shoulders. This helps you release tension.

Part 3: Turn the corners of your mouth up to a smile. This will naturally help you to return to a more joyful state.

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