Snoring: Causes, Tips for Reduction, and Alleviation

Snoring affects many individuals and can disrupt sleep quality.

It is caused by vibrations in the throat and nasal passages during sleep, often due to factors like obesity, age, and nasal congestion.

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Enjoy the Summer in Richmond Hill!!!

Summer is officially here.

There can be such high expectations to have a good time. 

There is lots to do Richmond Hill.  You certainly can enjoy yourself, and have that memorable summer.


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Share your vision of your city's future

The City of Richmond Hill is embarking on the development of its 2023-2027 Strategic Plan - a strategic plan sets out the City’s top priorities and shared vision for the future of the community.

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Splash Pads are open for the summer

There are 12 splash pads op

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2023 State of Infrastructure Report - Things look good!

Richmond Hill Council has endorsed the 2023 State of Infrastructure (SOI) report, further committing to the responsible management of City infrastructure and assets.

Here's a partial list:

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Richmond Hill Represented at Federation of Canadian Municipalities

Richmond Hill Regional and Local Councillor/Deputy Mayor Godwin Chan was elected to return to the National Board of Directors at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) for the 2023-2024

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The Power of Breath

When we feel stressed and time crunched, our breath is typically very shallow and is focused in the upper chest area.

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Richmond Hill Public Library Cultivates Unexpected Experiences with New Brand and Website

The world is constantly evolving.

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