CBC Casting Opportunity for Retirees

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They are looking for people from Richmond Hill (all backgrounds, all genders, all ethnicities) who would be interested in applying to be on this episode and share their retirement experience. 

CBC is currently casting an exciting episode on Canadian Retirement and what it looks like for Canadians across the country. Stats of Life is a positive television show that takes a unique look at the statistics that define our nation - it explores how Canadians really live. If you would like to see the first season of the show, you can check it out on the CBC website through this link: www.cbc.ca/thestatsoflife

Specifically they are looking for the following:

  • A couple preparing for retirement OR a couple who recently retired and is figuring out their next chapter (What are your plans? Small business? Vacations? Downsizing?)  OR Retired couple with interesting hobbies at a Retirement home
  • A single retiree working a few jobs OR a single retiree working part time in a job they absolutely love OR trying to survive on CPP OR a retiree/couple of retirees who are living it up at a retirement home (participating in activities, leading classes, social life)
  • Retired couple downsizing in order to travel OR a couple where one person has retired and the other holds a full time job OR you’re a wealthy retired couple living the retirement dream
  • Retired couple whose life is all about the grandchildren -  taking care of them, babysitting them, OR raising them as their own children and how does this affect your future plans?

If you are interested please apply here or contact Irada Seli, Casting Producer, CBC - Stats of Life  [email protected]