2018 Municipal Election: Ward 1 Councilor Candidate - Lidia Kafieh

Richmond Hill
416 271-5040


Engaging - Productive- Respectful


 * 52 years raised, educated and worked in Richmond Hill daughter of Italian Immigrants

* 32 years experience at Air Canada including Chair of Health and Safety.

* 28 years of volunteer service in Richmond Hill includes:

  • Road Watch Committee Member
  • Mackenzie Health (formerly York Central Hospital)
  • Richmond Hill community and town volunteer
  • Parent Council Chair under York Regional District C. School Board
  • National Gymnastics Club Fundraiser events coordinator.

* 28 years married with 4 young adults children, born and raised in Richmond Hill

As your Councillor and The Voice Oak Ridges Deserves, she will:

Be responsive to your concerns

Work to make our schools, parks and roads safer

Improve community services while accounting for cost

Defend and nurture the Oak Ridges environment

Rejuvenate our Community Spirit

Together we will get the job done!


Lidia is canvassing Ward 1

Lidia Kafieh canvassing

This is an image from a security camera.  The homeowner liked her so much that she emailed her this photo!!

416 271-5040