Time to Tell the Truth! How Old are You Really?

After I had related to him an anecdote related to an incident which occurred decades ago, a friend of mine in Richmond Hill then asked: "How old are you?” When I confide

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Yard Waste Pick Up Resumes!!!

Yard waste includes leaves, pine cones, fallen fruit, trees, shrub trimmings, pumpkins, clean straw and dried corn stalks. 
Soil, sod and grass clippings are NOT ACCEPTED. 

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Autism Acceptance Month - Training Weak Cognitive Skills in Those With Autism Spectrum Disorder

In 2013, the medical community broadened its reference of four distinct autism diagnoses into the umbrella diagnosis Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

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How much were the Richmond Hill Council Member Expenses in 2020?

Marian Nalley, one of the Council Accountability Group co-founders, has been able to present in a very visually dramatic manner, the amount of spending of our councillors.

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The Richmond Hill Speaker Series returns. Four Engaging Lectures.

The Richmond Hill Speaker Series began in the spring of 2018.  This program, done in partnership with the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts, was well received and growing in popularity.

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Gardening Tips - New Garden Bed with Border – Made Easy

Starting a new garden can be hard work when one must get rid of the lawn on the spot needed for the soil. To avoid the backache of clearing out the lawn you can simply do the following:

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This Week "In Conversation with Ann Rohmer". Meet Chief Play Officer at Toys 'R Us, Learn about new Niagara Falls attraction....

On this weekend's edition of THE FEED with ANN ROHMER.

THESE STORIES AND MORE ON THE FEED with Ann Rohmer: Saturday @9am & Sunday 5pm.

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"Spectacle" Art Show and Sale - by Dynasty Watercolour Association

The Dynasty Watercolour Association has launched the 2021 virtual "Spectacle" Art Show and Sale from Aprill 5th to May 5th.

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