Have your say on Animal Services

less than 1 minute

Take a short survey to help ensure the well-being of all animals in the community.

The City of Richmond Hill is asking residents to take part in a new Animal By-law Review survey.

Animal Control By-laws aim to protect the health and well-being of cats and dogs in the community by promoting responsible pet ownership through licensing, vaccination, and regulations. They also promote the humane treatment of all animals, both wild and domestic.

The survey takes five-minutes to answer and includes questions on animal-related concerns you may have experienced, the keeping of domestic animals, concerns with wildlife, and more. 

Your feedback will help us ensure we are meeting the needs of the community along with our furry and feathered friends.


Take the survey today at www.RichmondHill.ca/AnimalServices

And Don’t Forget…
For anyone with dogs in the community, when your pup stops and “drops”, that’s when you’re required to stoop and scoop… even in natural areas. This helps prevent parasites and bacteria from entering groundwater and runoff, and keeps our park spaces clean for everyone.