Let's Explore Richmond Hill - Museum of the Streets Part 3 - Mill Pond

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The Mill Pond Park has been a very popular spot for a very long time. 

It has a rich history.  Yes, the Mill Pond had a mill, a sawmil back in the 1800's.  It is part of the Museums of the Streets.

The water wheel that powered the mill was on this creek, that runs just south of the pond.

Mill Pond - creek

Two public parking lots are on either side of this creek with a nice bridge to cross over.

The Richmond Hill Group of Artists use the Mill Pond Gallery, the first house to the west of these lots.
Take a moment to look into the painting on the garage door.  

Mill Pond Gallery

The artist is Andrea End

This shaded playground is well used.
Mill Pond Park

The wildlife in this park is not that wild.

 Mill Pond

Mill Pond - chipmunk

Please resist the urge to feed them.  

Mill Pond Park - Don't Feed the Wildlife sign

A short ways down the paved path are a series of interpretive signs talking about a frog's life in the pond.  It is written with children in mind, but adults will enjoy the tale too.

Mill Pond Park - interpretive signs

There are lots of benches and trees commemorating people who have loved this place.
This is one for Bert Hunt, a very proud Richmond Hiller.
Mill Pond Park - Bert Hunt bench

The paved path leads to a storm water retention pond.

Mill Pond Park

Many paths lead to many different places.  You probably won't get lost, but you will enjoy being in the woods!
Mill Pond Park

Mill Pond Park

Mill Pond Park

Mill Pond Park

You may come upon a small park with a shelter north west of the pond.

Upper Mill Pond Park

Wear good walking shoes but don't walk too fast.  There is too much nature to see.
Mill Pond Park jewel weed

Come for a walk with a friend or just your camera.  

Mill Pond Park

A bridge over troubled waters, or a bridge to walk over and leave your troubles behind.



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