Christmas Countdown - Day 12 - Prolific Poinsettias

Poinsettias have been part of Christmas since the 16th century.  According to legend, a  poor young Mexican girl, named Maria, was told by Angels to gather poinsettia plans and place them in the church.  They soon turned red. 

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Christmas Countdown - Day 11 - Gifts of Frankincense and Myrrh

What really are these original gifts of Christmas that the Wise Men brought?

Both are from tree sap.

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Countdown to Christmas - Day 10 - The Christmas Mushroom

This Christmas symbol is new to me. 

I only have vague memories of ever seeing this decoration. 

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Gardening Tips - Wrapping Trees & Shrubs for Winter

You may recall seeing trees and shrubs wrapped up in burlap as you drive through a residential area. Over the years, I’ve seen fewer of these and began to wonder why people do it and others don’t.

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Christmas Countdown - Day 9 - A Whole Lot of Holly

Holly has been tacked on to all things Christmas.

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Christmas Countdown - Day 8 - Hooked on Candy Canes

Candy canes are so Christmas. Like so many Christmas traditions they have a nearly unfathomable history, that goes back to Germany.

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Christmas Countdown - Day 7 - Chestnuts Roasting by...

Chestnuts do seem to be part of our Christmas traditions. 

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Christmas Countdown - Day 6 - The Life of the Christmas Cracker

Christmas Crackers are a British thing. They are part of Christmas celebrations in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Commonwealth countries (Canada, Australia ,New Zealand and South Africa).

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