Let's Explore Richmond Hill ~ Richvale Greenway South

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The Richvale Greenway is a trail running along a tributary of the East Don River.  It is really a creek. 

It is not magnificent but it is a very nice place to go for a walk, particularly if you would like to have a paved pathway.

There is a Richvale North and South.  It is easy to enter the Greenway to go south at the entrance on Weldrick.  If you are driving, you may wish to park on Walmer Rd. (circled in red)

You would probably want to walk to the end and back - to Carrville Rd.

At Weldrick you can enter at the paved entrance or just south of the stop sign at Weldrick and Walmer. 

There is a thick woods, mainly of large maple trees and a few basswoods. 
Of course, the paths  in the woods are not paved. In the early spring there are lots of wildflowers blooming before the heavy leaf cover.

There is a playground with swings and sand and benches.

A steep paved path from the playground leads to the main path.
The vegetation will hide the view of the creek.  Side paths will let you get closer.

There are a few bridges to take you to other places.

The trees are tall and create a full canopy and lots of shade. You are shut off from the outside world.  The din of traffic and sounds from the adjacent homes are muffled.

Challenge yourself to identify all the treees - maples, basswoods, willows, honey-locust, oak, spruce, pine, cedar, dogwood, sumac......

The flowers vary by season.  Here are some early summer photos.

Bring your camera or sketch pad. 

Unfortunately aliens have arrived.  Two prolific invasive species are garlic mustared and Dame's Rocket (photo below), a native phlox look-a-like.  

Listen for the red-wing black bird's call "Conk-a-ree".  They may be hard to spot. This bird likes to be near running water. 

Mallard ducks are frequent visitors to the creek.

Look closely and you can spot creek chub.

You'd probably find crayfish under these rocks.

The path emerges to cross over Castlerock Drive.  Traffic is usually light here. 

At Carrville the path runs parallel to the road for a bit.  The traffic sounds are much louder. 
There is a side path under the road that is a bit challenging to traverse.  There is a tunnel that has invited graffiti artists. The path continues just a bit further and is blocked off for restoration. 

Be mindful of cyclists.

But be ready to stop and have a conversation. 

It is easy walking but don't think you need to walk fast. 

There are a few park benches.  Bring your water bottle.  

Stop and sit for awhile. 
And keep your eye open to spot the lucky rabbit!