Let's Explore Richmond Hill - Russell Farm Park

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This park space at Bayview and Bantry is not a huge, but reminds us of what was here before the residential developments were imposed on this area of Town.

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It is a nice place to stop and reflect. You might want to stop after intense shopping an intersection over at High Tech Rd.

There is plenty of parking off Bantry.

Russell Farm Park

The sign at the park entrance isn't clearly visible, but it is a nice sign.
Russell Farm Park

It is a nice place to stop and sit atop a grassy knoll. 

Russell Farm Park

Bring a book and a cup of tea.

There are the typical park amenities - tennis courts, basketball skills court, softball diamonds.

Russell Farm Park - tennis courts

Russell Farm Park - basketball skills courts

Russell Farm Park - softaball diamond

There is gazebo or shade structure in the middle of the park.  Note the weather vane on top - a reminder of the farming that had happened here.

Russell Farm Park

These amenities are slotted to be upgraded.

There are shady spots and lots of large trees. Admire the sumacs.

Russell Farm Park sumacs

A creek is tucked at the north edge of this park.  

Russell Farm Park

Russell Farm Park

Through tall, thick vegetation and up rough paths we might see the light.

Russell Farm Park

Enjoy exploring Richmond Hill.  

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