Local Climate Action Groups Combine. They have a dream! Give your thoughts!

Local groups, including Neighbours for the Planet, Blot Dot, Targeting Climate Change and Draw Down, have gotten together to create a proposal for a climate action and resource centre, a gathering place to colloborate and take meaningful action.

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Sandy Murray - from Orphanage to Online. A Talk at Connecting the Community

Sandy Murray was the 13 of 14 children and his father had to put him in an orphanage, out in Nova Scotia.  And foster care was not ideal.

He survived and thrives.

Have a quick lesson.

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Let's Explore Richmond Hill - Beaver Woodland

Beaver Woodland is tucked behind some very impressive sports fields, at David Hamilton Park.

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Two Easy and Fun Ways to Enjoy Some Ontario Apples - from your friends at Movati

Apple season is here in Ontario and we all know, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. 

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Gardening Tips ~ From My Garden to My Freezer

I have been growing food since I “helped” my Dad with his post war allotment in England. My three brothers and I were all allowed a small space to grow flowers, the rest of the space was for potatoes, cabbages, runner beans and onions.

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October's Online Workout & Mindfulness Programs

The program starts Thursday, October 1st at 8:00 pm with Zumba & Mindfulness, until Sunday, November 1st.

Also Included are the following 30 mins programs:

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Planting supplies from used materials

This article focuses on amazing things you can do with materials you find around your house which you might otherwise discard.

Let your inner crafter out while saving dollars to grow plants!

Your own bird feeder

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Which Toothpaste Do We Recommend?

The answer to that question is any toothpaste with XYLITOL as the main ingredient.

WHAT is Xylitol?

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