Richmond Hill Council Pledge

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On November 21, 2022 at the Inaugural meeting of the 2022-2026 Richmond Hill Council, council members signed the first ever Richmond Hill Council Pledge after taking their oaths of office.

The Pledge sets the tone for the new term and highlights the governance approach new and returning Members of Council commit to taking to support a positive path forward for Richmond Hill.Richmond Hill Council Pledge.

We recognize the honour and privilege bestowed upon us by our residents to represent our community as Members of Richmond Hill Council. We acknowledge we are but momentary caretakers in our city’s ongoing history and that our actions, words and decisions have an impact. We understand we must work constructively and collaboratively to improve the quality of life of all those who call Richmond Hill home. From this day forward, we pledge to:

  • Represent Richmond Hill with pride
  • Treat each other, City staff and all those who come before us, with respect and dignity
  • Abide by the Code of Conduct and all policies that apply to Members of Council
  • Promote inclusion, compassion and the acceptance of diverse voices
  • Encourage meaningful connection and engagement with all citizens
  • Strive to leave our city better than it was when we took office – environmentally, culturally, economically and socially
  • Govern to the best of our ability, with transparency, responsibility and accountability
  • Demonstrate behaviour consistent with the City’s core values of care, collaboration, courage and service
  • Cultivate confidence and trust in municipal government
  • Encourage innovation and progress, while honouring history and heritage

By signing this Pledge, we, the elected Members of Council, vow to uphold this commitment to our community and to each other so we can work collectively to build a vibrant, prosperous Richmond Hill – one we can all be proud of today and for generations to come.”