Kids need to be active this summer!! And The STEAM Project is responding

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.....with a soccer camp!

With children having sat in front of a screen for their schooling for so long, physical activity is especially important for them this summer.

The STEAM Project has responded with creating a soccer camp, that isn't just for those who are excellent soccer players. It is for kids in JK – Gr. 2.

The program is supervised by Lewis Fried, a well-known and well-qualified Soccer Coach. He blends his background in pedagogy and educational leadership with his soccer coaching experiences. Watch this short video to hear Lewis talk about what he has planned!

The big focus is on building the children’s physical literacy - jumping, running, coordination. There will be some soccer games and other sports - baseball and badminton. And teamwork is important, something that really wasn't done sitting at home in front of a screen. 

This program uses the 4 Corners of the Canada Soccer Model  - Physical, Tactical, Social/Emotional, Psychological

Since this is a STEAM Project camp there will be a variety of activities, including STEM activities.

It is not a full day of just soccer - 60% soccer, 40% other components.

All Covid-19 protocols and procedures will be followed.

For more information - Soccer Camp | The STEAM Project