Let's Explore Richmond Hill - Richvale Greenway North

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This is part of a series of articles,  Let's Explore Richmond Hill,  with lots of photos, of the many trails that wind through the Richmond Hill neigbourhoods.  

This trail system runs beside the East Don tributary.  If you live nearby, walk over.  
If you are not in North Richvale, you can easily park on a side street and go for a wander. Parking on May Ave or Lund St. may be your best bet. 
There is no trailhead sign on May Ave but the bridge is welcoming.

The trail is the green line. The blue is the creek. 

You could walk to Major Mackenzie and reverse or go in more a a circle and exit and Lund St. See the red circles.

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The paths are paved but not boring.  They wind and are a bit hilly in places.  

The sky is blocked with a canopy arch in some places.  

Or it may be dappled with sunshine.

Side paths go up to the neighbourhoods.  And side paths go to the creek.

Here a willow was toppled in a windstorm years ago but has survived, and sent off shoots. 

The field next to it is full of willows!

Enjoy the wildflowers!

Fleabane Daisies


Our flying friends can be spotted.  Here is a Ebony Jewelwing Damselfly.

The path goees under Kersey Ave.

There's light at the othe side.

This big rocks is a perfect rest stop.

Trip, trap over this wooden bridge!

The path empties out to Mary Dawon Park on Don Head Village Blvd.
There is a new playground with covered tables.

A unique feature of this part is a blue pebbled pathway. 

Blue Pebbles

Interpretive signage tells the story!

Crossing over Don Head Village Blvd will lead you alongside the expanisve fields behind St. Anne's School.  

New trees and new benches align the path

The path does empty out onto Lund St,  or you could continue on......
Little Don Park

It could take you about 45 minutes to walk, or it could be hours.  
Remember your water bottle and camera.